Friday, October 1, 2010

Bukowski (If God Takes Life, He's An Indian Giver)

So, Black people. I love me some Black folk, I swear. We are amazing at anything we put our minds to. Currently, I am enrolled in an African American history class, and it upsets me to realize just how little I really know.

That's not the point I'm trying to make though. What I really want to talk about is Black people and Christianity/God/Jesus. I was not raised in any religion and I thank god and my mother for that. Now, when I say "god" please empty your thoughts of old-man-white-beard-in-the-clouds-with-a-staff god that many of us like to envision. Nor do I think god is a woman. No way... see, I think god is the energy of life. No sex, no face, no "created in His image." Why would god be a man? Men, quite frankly, kinda.. well... SUCK (no offense, babe... love is love, love!)!!! And from what I've read, this man-god is kind of a douchebag. "Who would wanna be... who would wanna be... such an asshole?" Thank you, Modest Mouse.

Anyway, now as I was saying. I was watching Louis C.K. last night, and it happened to be an episode about god. Hilarious. There was a doctor at Louis' Catholic school there to explain the actual physical trauma that was imposed upon Jesus Christ at the cross. He proceeded to talk about the whip that was used to beat Jesus' back until it opened, and so on and so forth. But immediately, I thought, "a different slave went through that every single day at the hands of a white plantation owner." We have endured so much trauma, pain and abuse... yet it was all in vain? We continue to walk the path of Jesus (or whatever kind of expressions the Christians use) because he suffered and "died for our sins" when our very own family members have done the SAME THING. The suffered for us, yet here we are, collectively, being ignorant, blind morons. What is promised when you die? Really? Who knows? Who's been to heaven or hell? I haven't, and I don't know anyone who has. All of this is really to say...

I think Christianity is some bull, and Black People need to devote as much effort into real life, tangible, every day situations as they do for Jesus. He died for your sins, all well and good. But so did your family that was shipped here like cargo from Africa... respect them, and walk on their beaten path to real freedom.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's been WELL over a year since I posted anything to this blog. I think I will start it up again. How trifling is that. Perhaps brilliant? Take it how you want, but whatever you say. I started a fashion blog at so hop on over and give it a look. Anywho, so much has gone on, but not really. I'm in school (again) and I cut all my hair off (again). I got married, that's something new... whooooop! To the incomparable Mr. Burghardt, find him at I THINK. I'll have to recheck that for you. Well, as soon as I figure out exactly what the point of this prodigally princessy blog will be, I will have focus, and will then be able to rock your world with my vibrant vibrations. Yes, adjectives kick ass. Oh, I know, I could possibly make this the home of my lovely erotic stories, since I have the parental advisory thingy up already. That is a possibility. Well, if you read this, let me know if you would like to endulge in my freaky perversions and your wishes shall be granted. Hmm.. almost forgot how fun blogging could be. Until next time, LATES! And I promise, from the tippy yippy bottom of my heart that it will not be another year before you see another post.


Friday, June 26, 2009

LoveYa, Mike.

My Beloved Michael Jackson... Genius and Tourtured Soul (and Body x_x) may generations to come continue to love and appreciate Your Music, Your Talent, and Your GroundBreaking Dancing Abilities. May haters look beyond Your (very public) Personal Life and show respect to Your Role in Defining the nation. May Your True Fans not allow Your Musical Legacy to be overshadowed by bullshit. Respect the Music&Talent...

haters fail to look at MJ's entire situation... Viciously driving this... Other Worldly Genius insane :(Crazy People know that they (haters) Drove Mike insane. Imagine A Man who's been Performing for Most Of His Life... Working Constantly...Being Sheltered...industry pressure; with a Genius as Grand as His Was/Is: He Was Bound To Go CRAZY!!!! )

So Mike went Crazy, and so did the media...making the shit worse. And yada yada yada (We All know the stories from the past twenty years), until He's basically a joke (to haters) but He still has that Talent and Genius Rushing Through His Brain... And can't help it!! He continues to Make Music...
We continue to Recognize the Genius and then...

So may Your Soul Wander through Galaxies with added Ease knowing that Your Life on Earth made an Undeniable Impact on the WORLD!!


An Appreciative Fan,
The Girl Who Looves Michael Jackson (my

(And for my readers...sorry about the absence of my Rainbow Color Scheme but I'm blogging off of my BB.. I'll edit later today. xoxo, peace!)

(PS- Sorry it took so long to edit!! Thanks readers, I appreciate you!)

Monday, June 22, 2009


I haven't posted anything in a good minute, and if you're really reading me.. I apologize for that. I can't read everything I follow (I still can't get with this whole Internet Thing... I know, I'm only 26, but I'm kind of like.. what the fuck for?!!) so maybe when you see a new post by me floating in your "people I'm following" realm then you'll be more inclined to read it.

So I went to Baltimore Pride on Saturday, and it was explosive! Dykes, lesbos, queers, fags, homos, queens, doms, fems, tops, bottoms.... I mean, any name you call out was there! LOL I had a blast, I don't know, it just seems that I'm more at home with my queer folk. Somehow, they don't seem as judgemental as straight arrows. I can be myself and not have to worry about what's wrong with the world, because according to many, they're what's wrong with the world. And when who you are is looked upon as dirty, or wrong.. you tend to be as wacked out as I am so to speak. That's a compliment. I wear my crazy well. Anywho, there was good food, good music, friends, rainbows, tu-tus and a whole heap of drinkin', and the boys thought my boobs were fabulous (which is a hell of a compliment because these bitches invented fierce, I love it!!). Who could ask for a better Saturday:





Then Sunday, Farjer's Day... I gave my honey a well thought out gift, and he loved it.. YAAY! Thanks for being an awesome Dad babe. I love Yoou!! We went to The Afrikan Village study group where I met and connected with the awesome Sister Ujima, had some wonderful discussions and good food AGAIN.. really? Two days in a row is too much, does that really happen? Anyhown, Sunday was great and I enjoyed my family and we had a blast learning new shit and appreciating being Black in general. Go figure I don't have any pictures of that.

Until next time muthafuckas!! xoxo

Monday, June 15, 2009

Life AfterAnalog.

I missed the beheading of Analog TV. I could have sworn that the shit was supposed to happen at 11:59 PM... for some reason, I was absolutely certain!! I was all ready to blog about the shit and make fun of it. Alas, I was at work and missed the whole shebang. So, whatever. Our household has been televisionless for FOUR WHOLE DAYS, and we're still alive and kicking. I think it will be alright. Maybe now I can finish the blanket I started crocheting back in like... fuckin' March. I want that blanket on my bed by Autumn. It shall be done.

Anyway, my mohawk sporting cousin BeeBee* stood me up (which I kinda expected...) this weekend. I mean, she sent a text and all saying maybe next time but still.. What the fuck??! Luckily I made other plans due to anticipation of her flaking on me
(BooOOOooo!!), and I had a great time with my other cousin Zacc. Yea, her mom named her after me, so she was destined for cool from the beginning. We saw The Taking of Pelham 123... and when it comes to Denzel, I'm like a middle aged freak. Gimmie Dat, Denzel!!

Me and my MiniMe decided to make a weekend of the shit and hung out on Sunday, too. This time with her crew, who I've adopted as my own:
new friends... wait we're related.

And I must say these bitches rock. Oh, and how small is Baltimore? Found out that Zacc's good friend Tay is also my Huzbin's little sister (by marriage). But anyways, we had a blast down at Fells Point, and it was simply beautiful:
Sky at FellsPoint.


I was feeling extra cute that day so I took some self portraits... hell, a little bit of conceit never hurt nobody, ya dig?:

Speak NoEvil.

Well, that's all for now. Today was pretty much pleasant, besides these bullshit thoughts I have. I stress myself waaaaaaay too much. And I think too much. Sometimes I long for stupidity but.. it just won't happen.

*names have been changed (slightly) to protect the.... "innocent."

Friday, June 12, 2009

I Direct TurtlePorn.

It's like 2 a.m. and I really should be asleep; I have to work in the morning (booooooOO!!) . Instead, I'm up on blogger. Blogging. I've been staying up late nights recently though, so.. I don't know what that's all about. Maybe I'm nervous about not having any digital service, when Analog TV's inevitable demise is swiftly approaching. I wonder what the Analog stations last words will be. I plan on watching the death of Analog... kinduvuh morbid way of putting it but.. shit that's how they've been acting.

Anyways, something much better than TV is going to the zoo with your kids:

Guerillaz In The Midst

It was hot as hell, but the ManChild and I had a great time. It was like a regular fuckin' safari. We had lunch in the sweltering, humidity and then went hiking around the Washington Zoo. Of course I had a big ass backpack filled with non-sense because... well... I like to be prepared. There was temporary refuge in the various animal "houses" and lo' and behold.. what do we run into? Turtles fuckin'. That's right, and I took pictures:

Straight Fuching

That turtle was getting it IN... and once I figure out YouTube... or whatever (I'm such a freaking old lady when it comes to new shit.), I'm gonna upload. You can see him grinding on her, and yeah I'm an adult... but that shit was hilarious. The ManChild's interpretation of the deed was, "Hey look, Ma... that baby turtle is trying to get on his mother's back!" Thank White Jesus for innocence. I wasn't trying to explain sex to a 7 year old in the reptile house at the Washington Zoo.

There are a lot of pictures, but shit... it's quarter after 2 in the morning, and I'm just learning how to do this shit, forreal.

Sidebar:: I'm supposed to be meeting with my cousin and her wife this weekend. I hardly ever get to see her, so I'm hoping this will be some kind of event. She's an artist, and she has a mohawk. I'm trying to drum up the nerve to cut one for myself but... I have this obsession with long hair. So... the mohawk may have to wait.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

NewShit. Really.

Soooo... I've been thinking... and I'm gonna really learn how to use Blogger, and like.. make my shit cute, ya know? I love writing and this seems like a really cool... soapbox of sorts. A here ye, hear ye type of thing. There are so many different sides to who I am, and I want this internet expression of myself to represent who I really am in all my crazy, weird, funny, pretty, creative, narcissistic, intelligent, sad, contemplative, happy to be Black, music obsessed, fashion obsessed, paraniod, yada yada yada.. glory. And I'm pretty good with feeling my way around codes and what not. I've been bloging off of my BlackBerry, so I never really got the chance to do it up, and like... learn how to put up a damn link for starters (I just got my laptop after not owning one for like 2 years o_O..boooo)!! I have so much to talk about, yo.. and I'm ready to share it with thee world! *Toss hat up Mary Tyler Moore style.*
I'm gonna teach myself how to make my blog great. I'm gonna talk about how cool... and how sad it is to live in Baltimore. Some wild shit happens here. But a lot of cool shit happens here too. Like the Human Rights March I went to about a month ago:

baltimore,cool pics

This guy was there skateboarding on fuckin' crutches. I think that's awesome! And there was a live band complete with an accordion:
cool pics,music

That's my first time trying to like... embed photos or whatever. I hope it comes out right, lol. Anyways if you're reading this blog, and I mean really reading, then expect some changes in the very near future.